My Plan: the demise of a fancy journal

This site is dedicated to electronically documenting the next two months of my life, as I’ll be living in Germany. While here I’ve quite reluctantly started writing in a very nice leather-bound journal (at the request of a friend)– I’d rather not muck up such a beautifully crafted book with my disparate thoughts and slanted chicken-scratch.  After much thought, however, I said what the heck and began putting the pen to the page. This made me wonder, though, what point there was to writing if there was no audience. That being the case, I decided to set up this site as a means to share some of my journal entries (whichever ones I deem worthy of the public eye), and any other bit of information that may inform my trip (or your interpretation of my trip). So, enjoy.


Journal #2

As it turns out, I greatly enjoy writing in a fancy journal. Seeing as my writing is less than concise, I found it necessary to buy a new journal to document the second half of my trip. Not any journal would do, as I had already set the precedent with the first, so we get this beautiful book. Unfortunately it contains lines, but what can one do?

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